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Sunday, January 20, 2013

It's hot!

It's still so warm here I forget it's winter. I mean, like 70s. Yeah, very different from the -20s I experienced in Idaho.

So, once spring actually comes around, it's just going to get hotter. And summer....fugetaboutit!

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

a wedding

The weekend before Christmas was very busy for me! I had 2 weddings!! Here are some pictures from one of the weddings:

I was able to capture the groom's first look at
the bride in her dress!
This sums up the bride's personality in 1 picture!

I've known the bride for some time now. I met her older sister in 2nd grade & became close to the entire family after I got married. I've seen the bride become a beautiful person, inside & out! I'm so happy for these guys!

a wedding

Remember how I had 2 weddings in 1 weekend? This is the other wedding. They've been planning to get married, but never found the right time. Since the husband was getting deployed again right after the holidays, they decided to get married the weekend before Christmas. I've known the bride since we were 4 and she has found the perfect guy for her! It was fun following her around while she got ready, meeting her friends, and squeezing into the magistrate's office with all of their guests. Thanks for including me guys!

The shoes

The bride. She was such a good sport! She let me
do a "white trash bridal shoot" while she was
wearing her grandma's housecoat.

This was my way of getting her grandpa in some pictures :)

I love the look on her dad's face. She is daddy's little girl!