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Most photo shoots are done at the location of your choice. If you aren't sure where you want your pictures taken, I have suggestions. I love to do casual shoots where I can get your true essence, but I do not rush through the shoot.  Although I do not make a habit of posing my clients, if that is what you're comfortable with, that is what I'll do. Remember, these are YOUR pictures, YOUR memories, and I am here to serve YOU! If you have ideas for photographs, feel free to speak up. Also, if I'm doing something you're not comfortable with, speak up. Again, these are for you and you should be happy with them. I'll work my hardest to make you look your best!

Feel free to wear bright colors, but limit patterns and words (they can be too distracting in pictures). Also bring your favorite hat, jewelry, stuffed animal, scarf...whatever is important to you!

If your pet is important, bring him along as well! After all, he's part of the family too! If you love your car more than your wife (I won't tell), we can fit it in your photos as well. If you love sports, bring your jersey, your ball, your helmet, whatever you want and I'll incorporate it into your photos.

Family portraits
Mom, pick out your clothes first. I know I'm harder to please than my husband and when picture day comes nothing seems to fit right. So...find something that you look good in and are comfortable wearing. Then coordinate your family's outfits around yours. I suggest two or three colors that look good together. Neutrals with one bright color works well (and for our purposes, jeans count as a neutral). Also, take into account where you're putting the pictures. If you have red walls, try to avoid green shirts unless you want it to look like Christmas all year. If your walls are white, throw in some colors so that the picture stands out on your wall.
Lastly, schedule your session when the kids will be their happiest, which usually is not right before nap time.