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Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Two Week Challenge

As part of my photography class, I have to take a picture everyday as part of a "photo journal". I'm just warning you in case you wonder why your dashboard suddenly becomes flooded with my stuff :)

Day 1-This dress is a side project I had. A sister in my ward asked me to make her daughter's blessing dress out of her wedding dress. I had some difficulties (one of which was a HUGE fear of ruining the wedding dress then not having anything to show for it because I also ruined the blessing dress) and it took a massive dose of patience, but I persevered! I finished the dress on time and documented the whole process....except getting a picture of the completed dress! I ran over and asked to borrow the dress for just a few minutes to get a quick picture to put on the CD I'm making the sister with all the pictures I took over the past two weeks.

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